Saturday, December 24, 2016

Micheal Moore's Five Point Plan

Michael Moore's Five Point Plan
Michael Moore's Five Point Plan for the Trump Era
Remember that story about the little Dutch boy with his thumb in the dike. We all have to be that little Dutch boy now because America has sprung about 100 million leaks.

Moore gave his five point plan on The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell on MSNBC.

1. Visit your member of Congress.
The House members have offices in their districts. Go and pay them a visit. If the House is not in session, they should be in their district office. If you can’t visit in person, send them a snail mail letter. Better yet, do both.

Show up at their town halls and let them know what you think. Demand that they hold a town hall.

Find your Representative here:
(Enter your address, and you will be taken to your representative’s page. Click on his/her picture, and then scroll down to see their local office address.)

Visit and write even if your Representative is a Democrat. We need to let the Democrats know that we stand with them. And also, we are watching.

2. Insist the DNC appoint progressive leaders.
In addition to being progressive, the chair of the DNC should be someone who can do the job full-time.

Tom Perez was a good choice. 

3. Form your own rapid response team.
We can’t let them sneak anything by us. We have to be ready to respond. That’s one reason I started a facebook page, Blue America Fights Back. (Please join it.) The idea is to have a place to post so that the word gets out quickly.

You can start a facebook page for your district, your state, or just for your circle of friends or neighbors.

4. Plan to go to Inaugural Weekend Protests.
The Women's March on January 21 was a huge success--over a million and a half in Washington Dc alone, with million more in other U.S. cities and in cities around the world. 

Citizens have kept the pressure up. There are major marches and protests almost every week. 

One protest we can all do is to not watch the inaugural on TV. I am also not watching any TV that day, network or cable. I want to punish all the channels that purport to have news shows—they were all guilty of dereliction of duty. They chased ratings instead of truth.

Don’t worry that you will miss anything. It is going to be very boring. No one you ever heard of is willing to perform at either the ceremony or any of the inaugural balls. Even the high school marching bands have refused to show up, and high school marching bands never miss an opportunity to march.

5. Have a Plan B--As bad as you think it be, it will be worse.
We know that it will be really, really bad, worse than our worst nightmare. His cabinet and staff picks are abysmal. Most are totally unqualified for their positions and lack any relevant experience.

And the ones that are “qualified,” like Steve Bannon and KellyAnne Conway, are despicable people. I put qualified in quotes because they are qualified to promote president Trump, but they are not the people who should advising a president of the United States of America. (N.B. I used a lower case “p” for “president Trump” because I can’t bear to give Trump the title. I will continue to do that for as long as he is in office.)

Bannon is head of the alt-right website, Brietbart News. If you don’t know what alt-right means--just think “Nazi” and you will be close enough.

KellyAnne Conway is the most practiced liar I have ever seen, second only to the Trumpmeister himself. Catch her in a lie (and just about everything she says is a lie) and she will segue smoothly to the next lie. She tell her lies with a smile—it’s like pouring honey over a turd—it still stinks and it still attracts flies.

Anyhow, be prepared to be flexible. The Trump administration will try to shut down protest. We must protest in such massive numbers that they can’t shut us down. 

Pay Attention to Local Elections.
The elections of 2018, especially the ones for your state's governor, House, and Senate, should be our focus now. These elections determine who will draw up the districts. If we win these elections, we can brek up the gerrymandering that has given the U.S. House of Representatives their unbeatable majority.  

Watch the Interview.
You can watch the full interview on the YouTube video below. Don’t miss the end when Michael Moore entertains us by singing a Christmas carol, The Little Drummer Boy. He probably chose it to remind us to beat the drums of protest. And because there is no Christmas carol called The Little Dutch Boy.

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