Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Bill Mahar #318 New Rules -- Grandstanding on Benghazi

Grandstanding on Benghazi
Fox News lies about Benhazi
by Catherine Giordano

The final bit in New Rules in #318 of “Real Time with Bill Maher, aired on 05/16/14, was titled “American Grandstand” wherein Maher took on Republicans on Benghazi. Maher said that the resurgence in Republican obsession with Benghazi can only mean one thing—Obamacare is working. 
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Maher said it was time for Republicans in Congress to “put-up or shut up” instead of just conducting the eighth investigation into Benghazi. He urged them to impeach Obama because, citing Clinton’s 10 point gain in popularity during his impeachment, he said “It is the only thing that will make Obama popular again."  

Maher asked, “Where’s the crime?” He said listening to Republicans talk about Benghazi is “like trying to relate to someone who is tripping when you are not.

Maher suggested a drinking game. Watch Fox News, “the alternative history channel,” and do a shot every time someone says Benghazi. Then he said not to do it “because you would be dead in 15 minutes.” 
Can you impeach a president for making you unhappy, for “dereliction of happiness,” for “giving you a case of the sads?”
He ended by stating that Obama could use a little bit of impeachment mojo. He urged Republicans to make Obama an issue in the 2014 elections “so he can kick your ass for the third time.”
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