Friday, June 13, 2014

Bill Maher #320 The Bell Boy of Howard Johnson

by Catherine Giordano
John Waters

John Waters referred to himself as ‘the bellboy of Howard Johnson on The Colbert Report (6/10/14) because of the bright red jacket he is fond of wearing.  Since he was also a recent guest on Real time with Bill Maher, here’s a mash-up recap of his comments on both shows. 
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Waters is a film director, screenwriter, actor, stand-up comedian, journalist, visual artist, art collector, and author. He’s been making the rounds of talk shows to promote his new book  Carsick: John Waters Hitchhikes Across America. It is an account of the people he met and the things he did on his recent hitchhiking trip across America—21 rides and nine days accomplished the feat. 

Waters said, “This is how I make my living, Every morning I think of something weird and do it in the afternoon. That’s my job.” Waters doesn’t believe in getting too comfortable.  “It hurts your street cred.”   

The people who gave Waters rides came from all walks of life—a minister’s wife, a truck driver, a cop, a coal miner, a rock band . Waters said that everyone was very open-minded and open to helping people.  

And because Waters is Waters, there were a lot of sexual references. On Maher’s show he said, “Hitchhiking is like phone sex. The more you talk, the further he’ll take you.“ On Colbert’s show he said, “You don’t need to go on a dating site. Just go hitchhiking.  (Is he hinting there are accounts of hook-ups in this book?) 

Colbert asked him what was his fantasy before starting the trip about the best thing that might happen on the trip. Waters replied having sex in a demolition derby in the car in the race. Colbert replied that this “was the very definition of unsafe sex.”

When Colbert asked him his fantasy of the worst thing that could happen, he said it was getting a ride from a junkie who would say to him “You can come out, but I can’t be strung out.’ He informed us that there are some people who are only attracted to junkies. They are called “scag hags.” 

I never heard that before. I bet I can learn all kinds of new things by reading Waters book. I’m putting this book on my “To Read” list. Maybe he could have subtitled the book, “John Waters’ Most Excellent Adventure.”

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John Waters: film director, screenwriter, actor, stand-up comedian, journalist, visual artist, art collector, and author of a (sort of) memoir, Carsick: John Waters Hitchhikes Across America

Ralph Reed: conservative political activist, first executive director of Christian Coalition, now head of Faith and Freedom Coalition, author of several political books. His latest book is Awakening: How America Can Turn from Economic and Moral Destruction Back to Greatness. He has also written a novel, Ballots and Blood: A Novel
Jim Geraghty: conservative blogger and regular contributor to the National Review, author of the (roman a clef) novel, The Weed Agency: A Comic Tale of Federal Bureaucracy Without Limits 

Nicolle Wallace: political commentator, former communications chief for George W. Bush, former senior advisor for the McCain-Palin campaign and author of several (White House themed) novels, most recently, It’s Classified: A Novel 

Anthony Weiner: former congressman (D, NY), forced to resign from Congress over a sexting scandal, former New York City mayoral candidate, forced to resign from the race over a sexting scandal  (Some people never learn.) He’s now a columnist for Business Insider.
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