Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Bill Maher #340 01/23/15 Open Season on Republicans

by Catherine Giordano

Bill Maher Billionaires Buying Guide
Bill Maher New Rules

Bill Maher had two comedy segments on his show, the mid-show segment and New Rules at the end of the show.  He took aim at Republicans and fired away.  It was like shooting fish in a barrel. 

New Rules pointed out that so many Republicans were running for their party’s nomination for president that Republicans should just tell us who ISN’T running. The clown car is revving up and ready to roll around the track.  

Right now they are all vying to catch the favor of one of the Republican billionaire sugar daddies. Last time around some candidates stayed in the race way past the time for them to leave because the backing of one billionaire kept them in.  

So Maher decided to help out by compiling “The Billionaire’s Buying Guide” so the Mr. Moneybags” of the party could make their choice.  Here is the segment.

Joanie Ernst is not running for president, at least not yet. She just won her election for Senator (R, IA). The Republicans evidently think she is a rising star. They gave her the opportunity to do the official Republican response.  (This did not deter four other Republicans from stepping up to the mic to give their very own response. There is no discipline in the Republican party these days.)  

Ernst gave a robotic delivery and, unlike Obama, she didn’t talk policy. She spent most of the time talking about herself. She told a pointless story about having to wear bread bags on her feet as a child when it rained. It might have been a good story if it was told to show how she overcame the shame of poverty, but every kid in her school wore bread bags on their feet. Maybe it was a fashion statement.  
Too bad for her, but fun for us. Maher did a bit about Ernst being a country singer who had a album called Bread Bags on My Feet.”  The he did parody song titles. Watch it here.


The 2016 Republican presidential nomination is starting so early. I think there will plenty more for Maher to spoof.

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Bill Maher’s Guests for January 23, 2015 

Howard Dean: doctor, former governor of Vermont, former chairman of the DNC, co-founder of Democracy for America,” author of Howard Dean's Prescription for Real Healthcare Reform 

James Fallows: journalist, national correspondent for The Atlantic Monthly (“The Tragedy of the American Military”). He has written several books. His most recent book is China Airborne: The Test of China’s Future. He also wrote Blinded into Bagdad: America’s War into Iraq 

Bill Burr: comedian, podcaster, actor. He has a DvD: Bill Burr: Let it Go. His movies include Walk of Shame and Black or White

Nia-Malika Henderson: political reporter for The Washington Post (The Fix) 

Bret Stephens: columnist, journalist for the Wall Street Journal, Pulitzer Prize winner, author of America in Retreat: The New Isolationism and the Coming Global Disorder