Thursday, January 22, 2015

Bill Maher: So Sue Me Again

by Catherine Giordano

Bill Maher Repu8blican Book Club
Bill Maher Repu8blican Book Club

It’s almost a cliché. If you want to run for president, you have to have a book newly published in the months preceding your announcement.  That is why there is a slew of new books on the market from Republicans. 

In the mid-show comedy segment for the January 16, 2015 Real Time with Bill Maher show (episode 339) , Maher told us he had “hacked into their emails” and found the original titles of these books.

Usually these books have boring titles, and almost always with the word “America” or “Dreams” or “Future” somewhere in the title. Maher decided to liven things up by renaming the books.

Maher didn’t need to do a thing Mike Huckabee’s book title. It was funny even before Maher transformed it. It is God, Guts, Grits, and Gravy. I was laughing before he even got to the satirical renaming.  Guys like Huckabee make Maher’s job easy.

The book title he gave to Sarah Palin’s book perfectly summed up what these books are all about. It was the one for Sarah Palin’s book.

Hey Sucker. Yeah You. Give Me $29.95

The honor of being the final book in Maher’s list went to Donald Trump. He renamed Trumps book: Me Want Banana. Me Climb Tree. Inside the Mind of a Half-Human Half-Orangutan Billionaire. 

After reading out the title, Bill laughed and said “So sue me again.  Maher is clearly delighted that Trump once tried to sue him because Maher had joked that Trump’s father was an orangutan.

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Bill Maher’s Guests January 16, 2015.

Josh Gad: actor best known for voicing Olaf in Frozen 

Atul Gawande: surgeon, public-health researcher, professor, chairman of Lifebox, (a nonprofit which aims to reduce deaths in surgery globally) and author of several books. His most recent book is Being Mortal: Medicine and What Matters in the End.

Josh Barro: Self-identifies as a neo-liberal and a Republican, correspondent for The New York Times. (I checked the definition of neo liberal—it sounds like just another word for libertarian.) 

Wes Moore: businessman, U.S. Army veteran, host of "Beyond Belief" on the Oprah Winfrey Network, author.  His first book, The Other Wes Moore: One Name, Two Fates, became an instant New York Times bestseller. His most recent book is The Work: My Search for a Life That Matters.

Kathryn Bigelow: director, producer, screenwriter. Her two most recent movies are Zero Dark Thirty and The Hurt Locker.  She has started a campaign to prevent the extinction of elephants and has produced an animated/live action short/PSA called  Last Days.