Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Bill Maher #321 Maternity T-Shirts

The offending T-shirt
by Catherine Giordano 

On HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher”, episode #321, which aired on June 13, 2014, Bill did his  mid-show comedy segment about the Pea In A Pod maternity T-Shirt  It seems a T-shirt that said “Wake me when I am skinny again,” set off a controversy about expectations about women’s bodies. They called it “fat-shaming”.  Pea in a pod had to remove it from sale.

I don’t get it.  I think a lot of pregnant women feel this way. Is there anything that is safe from the pc police these days? 

Maher thought it was much ado about nothing also, so he cam up with some really offensive maternity T-Shirts. Read on at your own risk.
·         Does this whole other human make me look fat? 

·         I’m with Stupid ä 

·         “It looked like fun on Juno. 

·         Nice try, Trojans. 

·         If the birth is like the conception, I won’t remember it. 

·         Suddenly anal doesn’t seem so bad.
·         This sucks D because I didn’t it. 
·         Joseph?  It’s Mary. You are not going to believe this.

Maher capped off the bit with a swipe at Eric Cantor who lost his congressional primary.  He held up a T-shirt for Eric Cantors kids. It said “World’s Second Best Dad.”

to see this and other tees
Maybe you would like a more tasteful T-shirt with cute little baby footprints. or the one with the baby playing peek-a-boo. Get them quick, before they too are deemed politically incorrect.

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Guests for “Real Time” #321, 6/13/14
Gina McCarthy:  U.S. Environmental Protection Agency administrator 

Richard A. Clarke:  former National Coordinator for Security, Infrastructure Protection, and Counter-terrorism and author of several books, both fiction and non-fiction.  His newest novel is Sting of the Drone  

Krystal Ball:  co-host on MSNBC's The Cycle  

Tom Rogan: a contributor to National Review Online, The Daily Telegraph, and a conservative blogger at TomRoganThinks  
Carol Leifer: a stand-up comedian, writer and producer for several TV shows, and author. Her latest book is How to Succeed in Business Without Really Crying